Hiring cast and receptionist

Want to work with us? Great we are always looking for new cast members and new receptionist.

At nukunuku we emphasies on making a pleasant work place for our cast members and staff. We are located 3 minutes away from ikebukuro station making us very easy to access!

We are always welcoming beginners!!


We are located 3 minutes away from Ikebukuro station making for easy access


Our new store means we are always happy to hire beginners


We have emphasies on making a pleasant work place for our staff. We take many steps to assure the safety and fairness of our staff members. That is why we have prepared mulitple free amenaties for our cast and staff members.


Albeit information

We are located 1 minute away from Ikebukuro station’s c6 exit


High income albiet


Buisness hall law authorized shop

Kengaku club Nuku Nuku


Attention! All girls that say

“I’m sexually harassed by the store manager,” “I hate that the male staff look at me erotically!”


We are the only kengaku club in Tokyo that is runned by a female manager!


Our first priority is to create an enviroment that makes it easy for any female to work at❣️

Our priorities have created an environment where our cast don’t have to worry about doing more than they have to. The majority of our cast member our other females that want to work with other cute girls and earn money.

You do not have any direct contact with the customer so you do not have to worry about being touched♡

Since you will be working behind a magic mirror, even girls who are not comfortable with men or dislike them can work easily♡

But first, what is a kengaku club?

How does the salary system work?

What kind of work is it?

Is it possible to do a trial before deciding?


If you have any questions or are interested please feel free to contact us♡

We assure that you will not have to deal with some random guy. Our female manager will handle each query personally♡
*We may have a male translator help us translate. However if we do so he will not make any direct contact and will only be translating for us.


Since we are only a minute walk from Ikebukuro station’s c6 exit, our store has very good access.

There is even a really good tapioca store nearby!


Our shop is a brand new Kengaku club(〃ω〃)We are not part of a branch or have any sister stores!

We make sure to keep the store clean for our staff and cast members. There are amenities in the girls’ waiting room as well as a refrigerator, microwave and more. So please feel free to relax and feel comfortable♡

Our manager will carefully explain everything from scratch to all beginners so even if you are new to the industry you don’t have to worry!

At Nuku Nuku we are keen to making our store feel at home. We don’t have any factions so don’t worry!

Please feel free to come and see♡

======== ♡Salray System♡========

①Hourly salary: 1000 yen

②We have nomination bonuses

③We have course bonuses

④Our option bonuses range from 50% to 100%

⑤We have even more bonuese depending on the amount of nominations you get

The salary is paid on the day and will be the sum of the above.


☆Complete daily payment

☆Transportation expenses covered

☆You don’t have to show your face online

☆You choose when you work

☆No fines

☆Of course you will be paid hourly wage even during standby

☆Happily recruiting beginners

☆Experienced people will have preferential treatment

☆We are a brand new shop

Why not experience our shop first????