About US

Kengaku club nuku nuku is a “Kengaku club” (a store where a type of strip performance is done beyond a magic mirror)

Our store is a 3 minute walk from Ikebukuro station’s west exit.

We have the shortest course, 30 minutes, just for those people who can stop by anytime.
We are proud of our really rich option menu. Our option menu has multiple options that you can’t find anywhere else!!

Also we have one of the largest variety of cosplay costumes in the industry to assure the girl of your choice can be dressed up to your desire.

All of our, carefully chosen, cast girls have a personal twitter where you can find their work days easily! You can also find photos from the girls only for our members.

We have an antiquary permit, a specified heterosexual customer service permit, and an office permit allowing to assure our legality and to assure the safety of all our customers and staffs.



The best store for a quicky

The closest Kengaku club to Ikebukuro station

3 minute walk from Ikebukuro station’s west exit.

Only 240 meters from Ikebukuro station's JR line, subway, and other private railways

Only a 3 minute walk from Ikebukuro station's

Only a 100 meters from Ikebukuro station's C6 exit

30 second walk from Ikebukro Station's C6 exit

How to enjoy our service

Our service is simple and easy

No.3 Sakura-chan

No.30 Yurina-chan

No.8 Kon-chan

No.60 Luka-chan

We have gained all the license needed for our service so please relax and enjoy at ease to your hearts desire.


We look forward to your visit