NO. 125 Azu

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Birthday: December 10th
Blood type: B
Height: 164cm
Favorite Performance: Virtual blowjobs
Bust:  Unfortunately B
Favorite Food: Ramen and strawberries
Hobby: Eating the world’s sweets
My Type: A nice guy who likes games

PR: Hello I’m Azu. Nice to meet you! Thank you for coming today! I am 164cm tall and weigh 45kg lol Please stay and enjoy to the last minute. I hope I can satisfy your fetish.

A word from Nuku Nuku: A girl that made a blitz transfer from another store! Our approach has come to

fruition!! She is on a level that you can hardly ever see in town! A celebrity! No wait! Her looks are a national treasure! You know you want to see her too sexy erotic performance!

My shift