Frequently asked questions

We only take cash. We thank you for your cooperation.

We have all customers pay for the course fee before putting their items in our lockers. We have all our customers pay for any ordered options before leaving.

 You can communicate with the whiteboard and pen we have prepared in each private booth.     Please write on the whiteboard with the whiteboard pen and then push the whiteboard against the mirror for the girls to view.

 Yes it is! We have the required license for all our business.

Not really. Due to how magic mirrors work the darker side of the mirror becomes nearly impossible to see. However if the more even the light difference is between the sides the more the mirror becomes a screen. The mirrors we use make it almost impossible for the girls to see our guests.

You can nominate depending on the course you have chosen. You can nominate more girls than your course with the option to nominate another girl. A 5 minute private show will be 1000 yen and a 10 minute private show will be 2000 yen.

We have prepared different courses for different amount of time and other extra features. For more detail please read our course menu.

You will be given a present depending on the course or option of your choice. You are free to take any presents home or to throw them away in our trash can we have in the hallway.

 Please throw away your trash in the trash can we have prepared in the hallway.

Please put them in a black bag we have prepared in each booth and throw it away in the trash can in the hallway.

Other than a few prohibitions you are free to do whatever you want to. The majority of our customers masturbate or just enjoy the private show in the privacy of the booths.

The point card is your membership card. You will need this card to assure that you are one of our members. Other than being a membership card for every 3000 yen you gain 1 point which when saved up can be used for different coupons.

Yes we require all customers to become a membership to use our service. Our membership fee is a one time payment of 1000 yen.

We have all our customers who are not members to sign our agreement regarding the term of use for our service. We thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us